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king's covenant


king's covenant

I am King. I am code, I am covenant.


All I see is Kings.


This is my code: I am, as is every man, born of God and good soil. Hands committed to building. Mind committed to mastery. Crown committed to creativity at its most healing level. Made in the image of God and called good, I am also created to be the creator of good things.


Father and son. Shepherd and lion. King and priest. Peace and protection. These things I am. No longer defined by past mistakes, all I see is Kings.


No swift harm through my words nor hand. I see a nation built on the intentional presence of the combined strength of a vast collection of nobly crowned Kings. Royalty everywhere. No King uncrowned. No queen unhonored. No child unfed.


Commit then to excellence. Do it now. Do it daily. Then do it forever.


We are KINGS. And we were Kings long before the crowns arrived. Move with the crown inside. Remember this mantra and never let it go. 


“The crown on the head can be toppled, but the crown in the heart can never be touched. All we see is Kings.”




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